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 Fall (2021) and Winter (2022)



Cook or die - a meeting of friends for a healthy lifestyle

Friday 3.12. - Sunday 5.12.2021

Mutual exchange of experience related to cooking, exercise and various other skills (massages, music, dance, etc.)

Friday 3.12.2021 Bob Carr lecture: Future of macrobioticsSaturday 4.12.2021 exercise with Richard Jacobsen: Aikidao

Sunday 5.12.2021 cooking, meditation, massage…

Accommodation 600, - CZK / night  Food and program 600, - CZK / day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) + offer for breatharians, etc. 300, - CZK / day of participation in the program without food.

We offer a discount of 500 for complete cooking of one meal for all (Friday, Saturday), or for cleaning after the event by appointment. Let us know your arrival time and whether you need to  be picked up from the station. It is possible to register on individual days (eg without accommodation, with meals or without meals). Please send applications stating the date and estimated time of your arrival, departure and other information below to e-mail: cerbar@seznam. cz. Indicate whether and how you want to participate in the program (or what kind of joint creation you would welcome in it). We will be happy to give an opportunity to those who want to get involved in cooking (indicate if you want to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner on Friday or Saturday and suggest a menu if necessary). Depending on the number of entries, it will be about 15-20 servings. Please also indicate what musical instrument you are bringing with you.  If you are interested in a discount on help with cleaning after the event, let us know how long you can stay. Within three days of registration, you will receive an answer stating whether there was still a vacancy at the event and a request for a deposit. (Not only) Bára Černíková is looking forward to meeting you


 Female Spirituality 20. - 23.1.2022


 The woman's journey is revealed by love, devotion and compassion, driven by ecstasy and emotional flow, and based on trust and adherence to the message our intuition gives us. Thanks to the recognition of these qualities within, we can combine with our tremendous ability to live love in daily life. In this seminar, we will explore a woman's spiritual path in all its grandeur.


 Revelation of the goddess…yne 17.-20.3. 2022


 How we feel about women is crucial to our fulfillment in relationships and in life as a whole. As we flow in our innate nature of love and compassion, we discover a vast, ever-flowing source of female strength, beauty and resilience. The first part of the new four-part series of Goddess Essence seminars will be accompanied by Vasudha and Divya


 Sexual and emotional fulfillment (pt 2)




The overall well-being in a woman's life is associated with the ability to make love not only with herself, with her partner, but also with her whole existence. It is necessary to choose a holistic approach, which includes emotions, senses and zones of physical pleasure throughout the body. In cooperation with our uterus, we are open to emotional fluidity. When we can understand and accept our emotions in all their variations, Kundalini energy, our life force, has a clear passage for its ascension. The second part of the Essence of the Goddess seminars.